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A series of initiatives towards innovative Alumni services and a set of Achiever / Heritage milestones marked the year’s enriched Alumni service Portal.


Alumni Speak

Alumni are an institution’s brand ambassadors, carrying their core values of excellence, lifelong learning of inclusiveness and diversity all around the world. The ethos and character of the institutions are expressed into their professional and social life style.

Eminent Alumni

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The Alumni Network of IUST shall provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between IUST and its alumni and shall seek to develop programs involving alumni in various areas of services. Wherever appropriate, the GJAN will cooperate in conceptualising, instituting and furthering policies and programs of IUST.

Alumini Network
Alumni Association is envisioned and formed as a lifetime platform for the welfare of the IUST Community.
Besides a degree from IUST, it is our shared memories and stake in this place we call 'our alma mater'.
"Giving back to your alma mater and other causes that benefit the IUST community is as important as anything else".


Over a 4000 people across the world are proud members of the Islamic University Alumni Network.!


Welcome to the 4000 plus-strong community of IUST graduates. A community that has earned a reputation for excellence and leadership in the field of management. A network that comprises graduates of a variety of programmes. Bond with your batch-mates. Meet your fellow chapter-members. Stay connected with your alma mater. Find everything of interest to IUST alumni here
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